10 Signs of Seasonal Allergies in Pets

???????????Spring would be the season for allergy flare-ups for a lot of humans, but what about pertaining to ? Dogs can also endure seasonal allergies, exhibiting droopy, goopy sight and itchy, red paws. If you are not sure whether a pooch posseses an issue like this, check out the next 10 signs of skin or allergy problems:

  1.     Constant paw licking
  2.     Rubbing body against objects/floor
  3.     Excessive scratching or chewing fur
  4.     Hair loss
  5.     Change in odor
  6.     Redness of fur and skin rashes
  7.     Flaky or greasy coat
  8.     Drippy eyes
  9.     Runny nose
  10.     Increased sneezing and wheezing

While it’s true that a variety of illnesses can cause these symptoms, if you see several of them at the same time, now is a good time to take your pet to the vet to get checked for a clean bill of health!

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