About Anti-Aging Skin Products

Choosing the right may be a journey of trial and error. By sticking with the essentials (sunscreen, retinol and healthy habits), you can ease into the aging process gracefully.

Sun Damage, Moisture, Diet

The foundation for healthy skin care can start with three basic steps–sun care, moisture and diet. Apply a product that protects you from the sun. Nourish your skin with daily doses of an effective moisturizer that is light and appropriate for your skin type. Lastly, your diet affects the appearance of your skin, so eat well and get plenty of fluids.

Retinol is a clinically proven ingredient available in both over-the-counter and prescription forms. It smoothes fine lines, fades dark spots and diminishes large pores. Although over-the-counter products are less expensive ($30 to $60 dollars for a quality product), they can also be less effective than the prescription versions. Prescription costs are based on individual insurance. Look for packaging that is nontransparent, so it can’t be damaged by air or sunlight.

Sun damage is the most common cause of premature wrinkles. Be sure to wear a product that contains an SPF of at least 15 or higher regularly.

Antioxidants are effective for fighting the effects of sun, pollutants and harsh products. You can find them in gels, creams or capsules at your local drug store.

A savvy shopper will search for products that incorporate all these elements. Mineral make-up is a good start.

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