Advantages of Going to a Private College

Choosing a college can be an overwhelming process. One of the first decisions you must make is whether you’ll attend a public college, typically run by the state, or a , owned by a private group or organization. While price can be an obstacle, there are many to attending a private college.

Instruction & Class Size

Private colleges usually have smaller class sizes than public colleges. In private colleges, courses are taught by the professor rather than a graduate student, which often occurs in larger public colleges. Private colleges typically enroll fewer students, allowing a lower professor-to-student ratio, something that facilitates greater interaction. Professors are able to learn the students’ names and get to know them on a more personal level. Students can later use these professors as references when seeking employment after graduation.

Course requirements in private colleges often include more writing and projects that develop research and communication skills. With smaller class sizes, professors are able to spend more time critiquing assignments and students receive more one-on-one assistance. Students also work side-by-side with their professors, assisting with research or other projects.
Religious Affiliation

Many private colleges are affiliated with a particular church or religious denomination. These colleges offer more courses related to their affiliation and professors teach classes from a religious point of view. Religious colleges often have chapel services during the week and public prayer in the classroom. These private colleges have high moral standards, restrict certain behaviors, and typically provide separate housing for men and women.
Financial Assistance

Private colleges frequently offer a variety of grants–financial awards that don’t have to be paid back by the student. Awards are based on academic achievement, community involvement and special talents or skills. Private colleges maintain close relationships with alumni, often resulting in financial gifts and scholarships.

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