Alejandra Gutierrez Biography (1979-)

was born June 20, 1979, in Caracas, Venezuela. The daughter of a Venezuelan mother and a Spanish father, she grew up with a passion for singing, dancing and performing.

Alejandra finally kick started her professional career in 1996 when she moved from her homeland to Miami, Florida. Two years and a number of successful bikini pageants later, “Ale G” was able to parlay her killer curves into ads for Visa, McDonald’s, Bell South, Chevrolet, Corona, and Samsung. She also became a familiar face on Miami’s Channel 41, where she cohosted the popular Spanish language comedy show, A oscuras pero encendidos. The best, however, was still yet to come, as Alejandra was named Miss Playboy TV Latin America in 2001, following her stint on the channel’s sultry soap opera, Latin Lovers. In addition to making her an official magazine spokesmodel, Playboy also rewarded Alejandra by naming her Playmate of the Month for October 2001.

“My deal with Playboy was very different because I was the first one to become a spokesperson for Playboy Espanol and DirectTV Latin America,” she explains. “It was very different from what you see with a Playmate. I never had my picture taken with Hugh Hefner at the mansion.”

She did, however, get to travel the globe as an official Playboy representative. That increased exposure eventually helped Alejandra land a role in Smokin’ Stogies (2001), a crafty mob flick starring The Sopranos’ Tony Sirico.

Alejandra returned to the big screen again in 2004 with a trio of films including, Latin Dragon, Chachimba and Carlita’s Secret, a gritty action-adventure flick starring Eva Longoria. “It was great working with her for about a month, but the movie just wasn’t promoted,” she explains. “I’m sure Eva has the same feelings on it. But she’s a very easygoing person.”

Luckily, that lack of promotion didn’t set Ale G back. She has since enjoyed guest-starring roles in a number of hit television series including Entourage and Nip/Tuck and she costarred alongside Justin Long in Accepted (2006), a college comedy that she has called “really crazy and funny.”

Alejandra was also cast in the slapstick comedies Reno 911!: Miami (2007) and Horrorween (2007).

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