Aleksandra Rastovic Biography (1988-)

On the coast of Knin, Croatia, came to love the ocean, nature and art. She was also inspired to act in movies with Nicole Kidman and Penelope Cruz, but she ultimately decided that playing the modeling card might be her fastest route to fame. After urging her mother to accompany her to a fashion event, mom did just that, and emerged from it with industry bites and a contract. She would come to gain professional representation from Viva Models, L.A. Models and Why Not Agency.

Aleksandra Rastovic made her debut on the runway for designers Palmer Jones and Paul Hardy for the 2004 Fall and Winter seasons. Within a year, her runway output would grow almost tenfold, adding names like Vera Wang, Christian Dior and Diane von Furstenberg to the mix. Now officially a hot commodity, the teenage Aleksandra Rastovic had even more awkward-fitting shoes and eccentric designers to look forward to.

One of Aleksandra Rastovic’s big professional scores was a contract with Victoria’s Secret in 2006. As a model for their Pink line, she wore pink lingerie for a series of print ads that offered a free dog with each purchase. The freebie was not the real dog that was featured in some of the ads, but a fashionable miniature variety. We’re pretty confident that the ads would’ve garnered a bit more attention from the guys if there were free dates with models included in the ad copy.

Aleksandra Rastovic’s winning streak continued on the runway and in her advertising contracts. Her runway work grew to include reputable designers like Alexander McQueen, and she complimented it by signing on the dotted line to be a face for Calvin Klein and Armani. For the former, she did advertisements for both the CK One and CK Jeans lines, while the latter hired her to be the face of an enticing line of fragrance. A cover shot for Italian Vogue followed, but Aleksandra Rastovic went back to school to complete her studies and put her focus on art instead of fashion, at least for a little while.

In the summer of 2008, Aleksandra found herself caught in a scandal when she was photographed with Jennifer Pugh, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and a rather large bong. The photo was old, but it didn’t sit well with the industry. Nevertheless, Aleksandra Rastovic was able to resume her modeling career with only minimal damage. She was signed on to be a face for the spring 2009 offerings of Tt Collection, which featured her in an intimate advertisement with fellow model, Amy Kingston. In August of 2009, she was photographed at an Yves Saint Laurent show, one of eight shows that she lined up for the fall and winter season. The photo was used as the Fall Fashion issue cover of New York magazine, which she shared with Yulia Kharlapanova and Sheila Marquez.

Finally, Aleksandra Rastovic killed two pop culture birds with one stone by appearing in a vampire-themed music video by a boy band. As a vampire in the Backstreet Boys’ comeback single, “Straight Through My Heart,” she got to flirt with simple mortals at an atmospheric nightclub before getting tossed into the sunlight by a fanged Nick Carter. If all else fails from this point forward, Aleksandra Rastovic will at least have a nice story to tell her grandkids about.

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