Alexandra Hedison Biography (1969-)

A screen and television -turned-resolutely accomplished art , grew up in Los Angeles as the daughter of soap opera star David Hedison (The Young and the Restless, Another World). Alexandra received her dramatic training in Manhattan, then began appearing in productions from the early ’90s, initially with films such as the big-screen outings The Hard Truth (1994), Sleep with Me (1994), and The Rich Man’s Wife (1996) and the telemovie Max Is Missing (1995). Hedison later achieved fame and recognition via her enlistment as Dylan Moreland on the lesbian-themed Showtime drama The L Word. Openly homosexual since her teens, Hedison enjoyed a lengthy relationship with actress and television pundit Ellen DeGeneres (who, in a much-publicized turn of events, eventually left her for Australian actress Portia de Rossi).

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