Alexis Dziena Biography (1984-)

grew up in the City of New York, and has always had a passion for performing. “I’ve played the piano since I was 3,” she says. “I studied cello and I’m learning drums. I dabble with guitar, but I’m not very good at it.” It’s OK that Alexis isn’t a musical virtuoso, because when you can act as well as she can, most people will overlook your other shortcomings.

A professional since the age of 18, Alexis made her television debut in a 2002 episode of Witchblade. One year later, “Wonder Girl,” as she’s known to friends, made a splash on the big screen with an impressive starring role in Season of Youth. Since then, she has appeared in a handful of critically acclaimed films including Bringing Rain (2003), Wonderland (2003), Strangers with Candy (2005), and The Great New Wonderful (2005).

It was her role, however, as Lolita Miller in Broken Flowers that proved to be her breakthrough. Playing Sharon Stone’s feisty daughter, Alexis’ comedic performance was a tour de force that kept the film’s star, Bill Murray, on his toes. She also kept moviegoers talking long after the closing credits, thanks to her jaw-dropping nude scene. “It was a lot scarier in concept than it was in actuality,” she says of the scene. “It was kind of fun.”

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