Alexz Johnson Biography (1986-)

Born on November 4, 1986, in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada, Alexzandra Johnson is the sixth of 10 children. From an early age, Alexz’s family knew she had a rare talent in her voice. She began singing around the age of 3 for members of her family. About three years later, singing took on a more serious role in Alexz’s life when she began receiving professional voice training. Alexz also began appearing in youth choirs, talent shows, and school and community events.

It wasn’t until a few years later, however, that Alexz began receiving public attention for her voice. At the age of 11, she won a national anthem contest and her version of the anthem began appearing on Canadian television. This honor thrust Alexz’s face into the public eye. She began giving interviews to both television and radio stations around Canada and began singing the anthem at Vancouver Canucks and Vancouver Grizzlies games.

Locally, Alexz became known as the West Coast Celine (after Celine Dion) and made herself even more widely known by appearing at numerous charity events, like the Variety Club Telethon and the Molson Indy race in Vancouver. At the age of 12, she was voted as the best anthem singer by the Vancouver Sun.

Combined with her musical ability, Alexz’s outgoing personality made her a perfect fit for the acting industry. Her audition for the third season of the Disney television series So Weird marked her first major acting job. It has been reported that once her audition ended, the So Weird producers immediately offered her the role of Annie Thelen. Singing was a prevalent part of the So Weird story line, and it was something that Alexz appreciated. After the third season ended, the show was canceled.

Although Alexz’s work on So Weird was over, her career was far from done. The show gave her a forum to gain new fans and work on her music. After writing a song that she performed on So Weird, she realized that she really enjoyed the art of songwriting, and begin cowroting songs with her brother Brendan. Alexz also learned how to play the guitar and made a demo of her own music, proving that while her first venture into television had ended, her career was only beginning.

In 2004, Degrassi: The Next Generation producers began casting for their new show, Instant Star. Alexz sent an audition tape and the producer, Stephen Stohn, was immediately impressed. Alex won the lead role of Jude Harrison and once the show hit the airwaves, it became a hit with both critics and audiences. The show became the second most viewed show on The N network and was nominated for three Gemini Awards in its three seasons.

The show focuses on Alexz’s character and her life both in and out of the music business. Alexz sings all the music on the show and even cowrote five tracks on the first season’s soundtrack. After the first season, however, Alexz ceased writing music for the show and shifted her focus to her own music career.

In 2005, Alexz made her way to the big screen in the musical comedy Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical, starring Neve Campbell and Kristen Bell, while 2006 saw Alexz tackle a major role in the gory Final Destination 3. She was also cast in the 2007 thriller Land of Canaan alongside Tara Reid.

Aside from acting, Alexz is always working on her music. Her 2007 solo CD features music that has either been written or cowritten by the songstress herself.

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