Anne Hathaway: ‘I’m Living On Kale And Dust’

Coming off the heels of her paparazzi-blasting rap, is now making some noise about her tauter-than-ever physique.

The 28-year-old who plays in the highly-anticipated “The Dark Knight Rises” has been fielding a lot of compliments and even more questions about her toned figure.

While promoting her new tear-jerker, “One Day,” Hathaway stopped by “Chelsea Lately” Wednesday to share a few details about her strict diet and exercise.

Though never really a fan of working out, the actress said after getting over the hump, she’s now “that person” who really enjoys exercise.

In the beginning, she was so weak, she remembered “working out next to a pregnant Jessica Alba, and she could do more push-ups than I could!”

While Hathaway is normally a vegetarian, the cheeky actress said to fit into her “unforgiving” Catwoman suit it requires a more extreme diet.

“Right now I’m living on kale and dust.”

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