Antibody Labeling Agents – Antigen and Antibody

Joseph Burckhalter and Robert Seiwald invented the first practical and patented agent. What Burckhalter and Seiwald achieved was a practical and economic method of making synthesized fluorescein isothiocyanate or FITC. An labeling agent, FITC is a dye used for diagnosing infectious disease that is now used widely for numerous infectious diseases, including AIDS, syphilis, leukemia, and lymphoma.
What Is An Antibody? What Is An ?
An antibody is a protein used by the immune system to identify and neutralize bacteria, viruses, and foreign objects. Bacteria and viruses each produce a unique molecule called an antigen which the antibody uses to recognize its target.
First Patented Antibody Labeling Agent
Patent Number 2,937,186 for “Isothiocyanate Compounds and Means of Producing the Same Isothiocyanate Compounds” was issued to Joseph Burckhalter and Robert Seiwald on May 17, 1960.

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