Best Bathing Suits for Your Body Type

Many women are self-conscious about how they look in . Finding that perfect suit that helps you look great on the beach can be a daunting task, but keeping a few flattering styles in mind while you shop can help you pick a suit you look good in and feel comfortable wearing.


1.Determine your body shape. The following are some common body shapes for women.

Pear: You are small-busted with an average-size waist and a large bottom.

Curvy: You have an hourglass shape with a large bust and hips, and smaller waistline.

Busty: You have a large bust, but a smaller waist and hips.

Straight or Athletic: You don’t have many curves.

Tall: You have long legs and/or a long torso.

Petite: You have short legs and/or a short torso.
2.Once you decide which category or categories you fit in, you can start looking for styles that will flatter your figure.

Check out steps 3 to 7 and decide which swim styles fit you best.
3.If you’re a pear shape, try a suit that draws attention to your bust. This will make you seem less bottom-heavy. Tankinis are very flattering for pear-shaped women because they provide support for the bust and can often be bought in separates. When buying a two-piece, go with a print or pattern on top to draw the eye there. You may also want to look for a top with a little extra padding and support in the cups, whether it’s a bikini or tankini.

Remember, it’s OK to wear a solid bottom with a patterned top. Mixing and matching is fun and makes for more swimsuits combinations. For extra coverage, consider a suit with a skirted bottom or boyshorts-cut. However, if the skirt is too long, it can actually make you look heavier, be careful to avoid bottoms with belts or skirts that may emphasize the parts you don’t like as much.

Sarongs are a nice option when you are outside of the water. They provide a extra (yet sheer) coverage if you want it and add a little more pizazz to your swim wear.

If it’s a one-piece you’re looking for, try something with a plunging neckline or extra flair on the upper section, such as ruffles, funky straps, orother ornamental detailing.
4.If you’re curvy or have a very large bust, you may want to try a one-piece suit in a bold color to show off your curves. with empire waists or a low-cut bust will also flatter the hourglass shape by pulling attention away from the stomach.

Don’t let a large bust keep you from wearing a two-piece. Try a halter top or a top with wide straps. Choose a top with a built-in bra for extra support, but make sure you select a suit with adequate coverage to keep your bust in place for water activities and general movement. Remember, you want to feel comfortable and sexy, not exposed.
5.If you have a straight figure or athletic build, sporty suits flatter slender and athletic bodies. Slender women, and most women with toned and muscular bodies, can actually get away with wearing many cuts on top and bottom, like bandeau and slider tops, along with low-rise hipster bottoms, boyshorts, or scoop bottoms without looking bottom-heavy.
6.If you’re tall, an all-over pattern may draw attention away from your height and to the areas you want to show off. If you have long legs, you may want to accentuate them with a bottom that ties at the hip. Many tall frames can get away with the trendy styles of suits like the monokini.
7.If you’re petite, look for a suit that is high-cut in the thigh. This will make your legs look longer. Avoid boy shorts and skirted bottoms; they can actually make your legs look shorter. Go for a design that runs vertically, or stick with bright-colored solids. V-shaped necklines also draw the eye up and down, making you appear taller.

Swim suits with thinner straps on the bottoms can also elongate the leg. Choose colorful designs that enhance features about yourself that you like, but avoid wearing suits that highlight too many aspects of your tiny figure.
8.Remember that you might fit into more than one category. Some women are tall and slender; others are petite and pear-shaped. Knowing the category or categories you fit into will help you narrow the swim suits to consider, so you can spend your summer at the beach instead of in the dressing room.

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