Break the Ice With a College Roommate

As you go off to , one of the biggest challenges you’ll face is sharing a room with a stranger. Connecticut reports that around 95 percent of new students have never shared a bedroom. You may become best friends with your roommate or you may be at odds all year, but you’ll never know until you break the ice. Jump right in and get to know your new roommate by doing a few fun things together.


1.Contact your roommate before you get to school, if possible. Most schools send a letter or email with the name and contact information of your roommate. Don’t be shy about making the first move. You can introduce yourselves and organize who will be bringing certain items that you might share, like a TV.
2.Make room decorating decisions together. If you’re the first person to arrive in the room, it’s tempting to get all your stuff put up in the best spots. Waiting to do this together shows that you care about his opinions.
3.Go to the dining hall together. Heading to the cafeteria when you don’t know anyone is intimidating. If you head over there with your new roommate, you’ll have someone to sit with and the opportunity to learn more about her.
4.Share a brief history of your life. All your old friends knew all about your past. Your new roommate doesn’t. Give her the brief version of it without boring her. For example, you might mention that your parents divorced when you were 10, but you don’t have to tell all of the details.
5.Ask “getting to know you” questions. Some people are naturals when it comes to meeting people. Others need a bit more prompting. If you don’t know where to start, your college will probably provide you with a list of cheesy questions, like “What’s your favorite childhood memory?” or “What’s your favorite study snack?”

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