Cassi Thomson Biography (1993-)

is an //songwriter.  She was born abroad in Queensland, Australia on August 14th, 1993 and now lives in Los Angeles.  She has booked guest star rolls on top shows such as CSI, House, and ER. She has also played lead rolls in movies for television. When she was quite young, Cassi worked in commercials and as a print model for various catalogs and Disney products.

Cassi appeared at the end of season three on the critically acclaimed HBO original series “Big Love”.  Beginning in season four, she joined the cast as a series regular. Season five is now in production.

Cassi is a gifted vocalist/songwriter and is working on her first album.  Her first music video for the single “Caught Up In You” was completed in March 2008.  Shortly after that time she featured her song “Father’s and Daughter’s in a second music video.  Her newest song “The Boy” was completed in 2010.  Six songs are now produced and available on iTunes.

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