Charlotte Salt Biography (1985-)

was born and raised in the UK in the small town of Newcastle-Under-Lyme. She attend the local junior school Edenhurst with her younger sister Abbie and later St Dominics Priory school, where she had 4 fun years making friends, landing her first television show and performing in the school productions before leaving at 16 to attend a year at Newcastle college where she later left to pursue her acting career with plans of Los Angeles on the horizon. Out of school hours Charlotte was able to indulge in her passion of acting with various drama clubs and such, one of which proved to give Charlotte the break she had only dreamed of.

The New Victoria theatre her local theatre in the round gathered once or twice a week when rehearsing, after a couple of years of putting on productions, improvisation and confidence exercises a television crew descended on the north of england to find a young cast for a television series called ‘In A Land of Plenty’. Already associated were names such as Helen McCory and Robert Pugh. Director Hettie McDonald,auditioned the drama group with predominantly for improvisation skills rather than text due to the ages of her potential cast, Charlotte was 13 at the time.

After a series of auditions Charlotte landed the role of Laura along with her younger sister, who played the character in her early years. The demanding role placed Charlotte with a top London agent that went on to send her out for auditions.

Charlotte’s next job was playing ‘Sasha Tracey’ in BBC 2 part drama.  Winning the role was a challenge, as Charlotte had to play someone who was born and raised in London. Days before the final audition producers sent her to a dialect coach to drop her northern twang, luckily Charlotte impressed and found her self cast.

Charlotte went on to shoot episodes of such shows as ‘Inspector Lynley Mysteries’ and ‘The Bill’ before landing the role of Helen Gilder in 2003 in a new BBC 1 production ‘Born and Bred’ Charlotte went on to play the 1950s northern sweetheart for 4 seasons.  The shoot was a wonderful one, the set was located in the beautiful countryside of northern Manchester, and the costumes had all the flirty fun of the1950s.  This was a huge opportunity for Charlotte and she saw it as proof that she could indeed have a career as an .

In 2005 Charlotte left the show and set her sights on America, determined to be accepted.  Charlotte soon landed the female lead in a European horror movie despite being state side directed by the cult horror legend Brain Yuzna.  The shoot wasn’t easy, shot in Madrid in December, as the title implies there were many underwater stunts that took place at night in the freezing cold lakes.

Back to Los Angeles, not for the faint hearted, re-establishing, proving herself as an actress was no easy task and UK work wasn’t enough to impress the big wigs of Hollywood, It did however land Charlotte a fantastic manager an agent who believed in the girl from a small town enough to being the grueling process of auditions, a process like charlotte had never seen before.  Hundreds of young beautiful hopefuls flock to the Mecca that is LA armed with ambition, drive, talent and bucket load of headshots, but this didn’t faze Charlotte.  Her first obstacle was to get herself a visa that would in fact open the world of American projects to her, she tested for an American television show directed by the acclaimed play write David Mamet which won her a working visa.

Her first role on American television was on Entourage the highly successful HBO series.  That then led to guest star on CSI opposite the Oscar award winner Faye Dunaway.  Enjoying her steady break in the states Charlotte went on to play Ioan Gruffudd assistant in the hilarious comedy ‘The TV Set’ along with David Duchovny and Sigourney Weaver.  Continuing with an all star cast Charlotte went on to work on Beowulf along side some of the worlds finest – Anthony Hopkins, Angelina Jolie, Ray Winstone and Robert Zemeckis to name but a few.

Charlotte’s next job was a television show ‘Wildfire’ on ABC family playing a British heiress for two seasons. Los Angeles was proving to be successful for Charlotte she proceeded her stint on Wildfire with two movies ‘Deep in the valley’ an out there comedy about the porn industry and ‘Ivory’ an independent movie set around a group of young brilliant musicians. Along side a promising cast of Beau Garrett, Travis Fimmel, Tim Draxl, Peter Stormare and Martin Landau.  For this movie Charlotte had to learn a Russian dialect and to become believable as a concert pianist, after months of intense instruction and practice she was ready and found herself playing the Brahms for the camera.

And now “The Tudors”, a wonderful project that will continue to boost charlottes career in the USA and UK, Charlotte plays the twinkling Lady Ursula Missledon again along an all star cast on the hugely popular Emmy winning show. Shot over the course of 4 months in Ireland Charlotte claims to have had the best experience to date between the costumes and the drama, who wouldn’t!

So that brings us up to date, despite the set backs, the screens tests with Jack Black that just didn’t work out, the movies that just fell through, the endless audition process and continuous rejection Charlotte Salt is just un-stoppable and will continue to rise in the funny old world of show business, because like the song, there really is ‘no business like show business’!

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