Corrections Officer Salary in New York

A correction is essentially a prison guard. According to the state Department of Correction, responsibilities of a correction include supervising inmates, making periodic rounds of assigned areas, conducting searches for contraband, maintaining order within a detention facility and preparing reports as necessary.

Correction Officer

Officer is an entry level position in the New York City Department of Correction. The starting salary is $37,579 per year, but after 5.5 years this increases to an impressive $76,488. This salary includes $1,677, or 11 days, in paid holiday time in the first year, which becomes $3,411 in holiday pay after 5.5 years. According to a posting on, a correction officer can rise in rank to a captain and eventually advance to be a prison warden and even chief of the department.
NYC Correction Officer Benefits
In addition to salary, a New York City Correction Officer receives a uniform allowance of $1,100 each year, and 13 paid vacation days which increases to 27 paid vacation days after five years. A NYC Correction Officer also gets health insurance and longevity pay ranging from $4,365 to $7,365 upon reaching benchmarks of 5, 10, 15 and 20 years of service.
New York State Correction Officer Salary
The position of a New York State Correction Officer involves an initial year as a trainee. For the first 26 weeks of training, the officer trainee receives the equivalent of a $36,420 annual salary. After the first eight weeks, the officer trainee receives a lump sum payment of $800. For the final 26 weeks of training, the officer trainee receives the pro-rated equivalent of $38,310. After 52 weeks of training, the correction officer is paid an annual salary of $43,867.
New York State Correction Officer Benefits
A state correction officer receives a variety of paid benefits including health, dental and vision care insurance. The officer is entitled to five personal leave days and accrues additional paid leave at the rate of one-half day per pay period. Additional inconvenience pay for night shift employees and expanded duty pay is also available.

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