Cynthia Stevenson Biography (1962-)

Dark-haired and petite American comic first made a name for herself appearing on various television shows during the 1980s. On television she was typically cast as flighty somewhat forgetful optimists. In 1990, Stevenson was the host of the unsuccessful syndicated My Talk Show, a parody of talk shows in which she interviewed unknown celebrities in her living room. The show only lasted three months and nearly led Stevenson to leave acting. Then Robert Altman cast her as Bonnie Sherow in The Player. After that she won the second lead in Bob, a television sitcom starring Bob Newhart. Despite favorable critical reviews, the show only briefly aired. More sporadic film and television work followed until 1995, when Stevenson’s career finally took flight and she appeared in three major feature films, including Live Nude Girls. As icing on the cake, she also landed the role of Gloria on the television sitcom Hope & Gloria.

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