DIY Staging

If you want to your quickly and efficiently, you must first learn how to effectively stage it. Staged homes often faster and for more money than homes that have not been staged. Staging your home involves creating a welcoming atmosphere for buyers where they can imagine settling in with their own things. Though you can pay a professional, it is not difficult to undertake DIY (do it yourself) staging that will be just as effective in enabling buyers to see the potential in the home and want to make it their own.


1.Create a pleasing entryway for the home. Clear the entrance of all clutter, including children’s toys or old plants. Thoroughly clean the front door and sweep off the front entry way. Repaint the door if necessary.
2.Clear the kitchen counters of all appliances. Blenders, coffee makers and toasters should all be stored under the cabinets during staging. This will highlight the amount of counter space that your kitchen has. Polish the counter tops and clean the cabinets. Clean out the pantry so that it does not look too cluttered. If it seems cluttered, the buyer may get the idea that it is too small for them.
3.Clean and polish the dining table and set it for four guests. The table should be set with your finest dining wear. Use linen napkins and set a vase of fresh flowers on the table. Look around the room and make sure that there is no unnecessary furniture in the room making it look crowded.
4.Make the master bedroom appear as a relaxing hideaway. Remove all items from the night stands except for lamps. Clear the room of any clutter and remove any furniture that makes the room appear crowded. Make up the bed and add decorative pillows to add to the visual appeal.

Buyers will want to see the size of your closets, so you should clean out the closets during staging. Make sure that they are neat and organized so that buyers can see just how large the closets are.
5.Thoroughly clean the bathroom and make it shine. Counter tops should be free of makeup and all other items. Place lighted votive candles around the tub so that they buyer can feel the relaxation that takes place in the bathroom. Place nice hand towels on the racks and instruct the family not to use them.
6.Clear the family room of all clutter, including toys, paperwork and books. Make sure that all electrical cords are hidden from view and that the room does not appear to be too small for the furniture.

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