Education Requirements for Help Desk Jobs

From college and universities to department stores and large corporations, organizations have help desks to improve customer service and employee relations. However, there are many different kinds of help desks, from specialized computer help desks to general information desks at shopping centers and amusement parks. For most of these , a high school degree is required, but employer standards vary, depending on the type of job and industry.

Receptionist and Information

Large organizations like schools, museums and shopping centers have information help desks where visitors can go to get important information about the facility’s resources. Often, workers at these kinds of help desks are also responsible for answering the phone to answer general information from callers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, receptionists and information help desk workers tend to get most of their training on the job, so the only formal education required is generally a high school degree.
Customer Service Help Desk Jobs

Most retailers have customer service help desks where customers can go to ask questions about the store, products and sales. Customer service help desk workers are also usually responsible for handling exchanges and returns, as well as directing customers to where they can find the merchandise they are looking for. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that employers may either require customer service workers to have a high school degree or an associate or bachelor’s degree. The industry and company you work for will determine how much education you must complete, but if you want to work in customer service, consider taking courses in computers and communication.
Computer Help Desk Jobs

Many large companies and educational institutions have computer help desks, where students and instructors can go if they are experiencing hardware or software programs. While students who are majoring in a computer-related subject may work at these desks, the Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that it is easier for people with bachelors’ degrees to become computer support specialists, or to work at computer help desks. Regardless of their education, computer help desk workers will need experience that indicates they can repair computers well.
Secretarial Help Desk Jobs

In some organizations, secretaries act as help desk workers in their particular department. They answer questions for employees and visitors, help people find information by matching them with the appropriate individuals and forms and respond to telephone and e-mail questions. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that secretaries can get entry-level jobs with just a high school diploma, but some high school vocational or post-college training in office work is often preferred. Executive assistants must often have bachelor’s degrees.

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