Emma Stone On Her New Star-Making Role

”, a collaboration between lifelong friends Kathryn Stockett, who wrote the best-selling novel of the same name, and Tate Taylor, the film’s writer-director, portrays three unlikely cohorts who expose scandals and civil-rights injustices in 1960s Jackson, Miss.

The feature film is lead by a strong female cast, including , who plays Eugenia “Skeeter” Phelan and breakout star Octavia Spencer, who plays Minny Jackson, an outspoken maid with a devilish secret.

In a video interview with ComingSoon.net, the leading lady Emma Stone, in her first major dramatic role, reveals how she stepped into character as the ambitious writer Skeeter.

“Since it’s based on a book, I felt so lucky,” said Stone in the ComingSoon.net exclusive video. “When I read a book, it’s like I know those characters and my interpretation of those characters so well. I’ve never gotten to be in a movie version of a book before, so Skeeter felt pretty fleshed out for me as a reader…there’s 120 short pages in a script; there’s 444 long pages in “The Help”. It was just so incredibly helpful because I didn’t know too many people who were 23 in 1963.”

However, for one actress, her inspiration came from real-life experience and deeply seeded raw emotions.

“These characters, like Aibileen, and Milly, and Constantine and Yule May, they’re my family,” said Viola Davis, who stars as the kind-hearted maid Aibileen. “I know those women. Those women are very specific in my history. My aunt Joyce, my mom May Alice, my grandmother…I know those women. I didn’t even have to search. I could just have emotional recall.”

The flick has already been getting Oscar buzz, so this is definitely one film you won’t want to miss. “The Help” opens this Wednesday.

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