Erin Wasson Biography (1982-)

Growing up in Irving, Texas, spent much of her youth engaged in a variety of tomboyish activities — with a particular emphasis on sports. And to this day she still has a  passion for watching and playing sports (basketball primarily, in case you were wondering).

It wasn’t until Erin’s mid-teens that her beauty came sharply into focus, having been entered into the inaugural Kim Dawson agency search by her father. Erin’s victory over her competitors came as something of a surprise to the young woman, as she had never given a second thought to the pursuit of modeling as an actual career.

With her foot firmly in the door, Erin soon found herself at the center of various high-profile marketing campaigns for companies such as Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci and Donna Karan. In 2002, Erin became the face of Maybelline after signing a contract with the famous makeup company. She has also gone on to appear on a variety of magazine covers, including Allure, Esquire and France’s Vogue.

Aware that most models don’t last more than a few years, Erin has already begun planning for her future by taking on a cameo role in the television show Beautiful People. For now, it’s clear that Erin’s gorgeous visage and smokin’ body will continue to grace magazine covers and advertisements for a while.

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