Facebook ranks dead last in customer satisfaction

Why is it that the most popular kids are always the least liked?!

Yes, was voted the social network with the lowest customer service ranking according to the 2011 American Customer Index (ASCI) Report.

The survey, compiled by ForeSee Results, polled approximately 70,000 consumers about the way they feel about various websites, search engines, and social networks.

When compared to other social sites like YouTube, MySpace, and the conversation-driven Wikipedia, Facebook ranked dead last with a 66% customer satisfaction rate.

Despite the low ranking, Facebook customer’s satisfaction actually went up two points from last year’s 64% rating.

Wikipedia came out on top with a score of 78% and YouTube ranked second with 74%. MySpace, sadly, didn’t even have enough users to be listed separately in the survey. Womp womp.

In the other ASCI report categories, Google was ranked as the leader in search engine customer satisfaction with 83%, compared to last year’s 79%. Microsoft’s Bing was close behind with a score of 82%, up 7 points from 2010. For Microsoft, the higher customer satisfaction rating comes with a 9% increase in market share, giving Bing a 17% share.

Of course, Google’s ranking could help push higher customer satisfaction for the Google+ social network, especially as Facebook’s satisfaction ranking hovers at a dismal 66%.

“While Google+ is the challenger to Facebook’s established dominance in the social-media sphere, in the search engine wars, Google is king, and Bing is hoping to be a contender,” Larry Freed, CEO of ForeSee Results said in a statement.

“Last year, Google’s customer satisfaction score was three points higher than Bing’s. This year, that gap narrows to one point. Bing is showing it can challenge Google, in terms of revenue, market share, and the customer experience.”

Facebook responded to the low customer satisfaction rating by telling CNET: “We take user feedback seriously, and strive to create a simple, fast, and innovative service that enables people to connect with their friends in a safe environment.

“More than half of our users visit Facebook every day, and we’re constantly enhancing our products to offer people the best possible experience. Indeed, a report published last month by the Pew Internet and American Life Project highlighted the positive impact Facebook has had in people’s lives.”

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