Facebook Slingshot Takes Aim at Snapchat

Facebook SlingshotAfter turned down its $3 billion purchase offer, said it would produce a clone of the popular ephemeral messaging app. True to its word, Mark Zuckerberg’s company has created a new self-destructing messaging platform called Slingshot.

Available for and , Slingshot lets users send photos and short videos that they can edit with text or draw on. The catch is that in order for anyone to see your photos or videos, they have to send, or sling, their own back in return. If they don’t, your message will remain too pixelated for them to see.

When you’re done looking at your friend’s message, simply swipe it away and it will disappear forever. Unlike Snapchat, however, you won’t receive any notifications if someone takes a screenshot of your photo or video, so you might want to keep your messages on the PG side of things. There’s also no way to force you to delete unlocked shots.

In case nothing at all different, Fb must find credit intended for Slingshot’s special performance as well as styling. Yet, if the business can be longing for this specific application for you to capture about just like Snapchat, it could not want to carry it’s air.

Snapchat is probably the most favored messaging programs around, specifically having young users. The truth is, while Snapchat produced it’s most current update, instructors noted that it evolved into an enormous distraction while pupils gone outrageous seeking to download the item. Snapchat furthermore lately extra a new group-sharing element intended for live shows along with other live functions.

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