Father’s Day Gardening Gift Ideas

If your father likes to dig in the dirt, purchase a garden-related for him for Father’s Day. With many garden ideas from which to choose, the key to a your father will use and enjoy is understanding his interests in the garden. Think about what he likes to do most in the garden—plant, grow, harvest or grill his plants and vegetables. This can help you narrow your choices.

Seed Wallet

Put a new twist on a traditional Father’s Day gift by purchasing a new wallet and filling it with packages of seeds. This gift may get a good laugh out of your father, but it also will equip him with new varieties of vegetables or flowers that he has been wanting to try to grow. Buy at least five packets of seeds, which you can purchase from a nursery or landscape and home supply store.

Customized Work Gloves

Purchase a new set of garden gloves for your father that you can have customized with a message such as “World’s Best Dad,” “Farmer Dad,” or “My Dad Likes to Grow Things.” These whimsical and entertaining gloves are a nice addition to any father’s tools. He can use them not only in the garden but also in the yard when cultivating, trimming and removing unruly or unwanted plants or brush.

Garden Cooking

For the dad who likes to garden for the end result, so he can cook or grill his creations, consider purchasing a new grill, wok or cast iron cookware. Cast iron is known for evenly distributing and maintaining heat, according to “Southern Living” magazine. Your father can fry up green tomatoes or a vegetable stir-fry. Select one or more cookware items that allow your father to experiment with his garden harvests.

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