Five Things Every College Student Needs

First-time college students are sometimes at a loss for what to bring. Students living in a dorm or off campus will need to pack shrewdly in order to be prepared for their first year living away from home. If you are a student wondering what you should bring, or a concerned parent, you should be aware of a few simple necessities.

    Cell Phones

Cell phones have become a necessity for students. Students use cell phones for contacting friends, making plans and maintaining their social lives. However, they also allow anxious parents to keep in touch. Keeping a cell phone can even save students money, allowing them to do away with costly land line connections. Furthermore, many smart phones have a number of practical functions, such as recorders and cameras that can be useful both in and out of class.

Students may still need pens and paper for taking notes, but computers have become an indispensable academic tool. Students can write and prepare essays and research just about anything using the Internet. Most colleges also require students to access resources such as transcripts and class selection programs online. A laptop may be the best option, as students can work at home or the library and event take notes in class. Students should also bring everything they need for their computer, including cords, a keyboard, a mouse and a printer.

Most students will pack their own wardrobe and discover that they are missing a few things. Packing enough underwear and socks will save students on laundry fees. Students should pack with foresight and have heavy and light clothing suitable for any season. Students should also remember that they will likely be living with strangers. Flip-flops or slippers are standard in most dormitories when walking around the hall. Similarly, students need bathrobes for morning shower or midnight bathroom trips.
    Room Supplies

Most dormitories will furnish basic room supplies, but it doesn’t hurt to back extras. Linens for the bed are always a good idea. Sheets, blankets and a pillow should suffice.Tools are always handy for fixing problems around the room, and a sewing kit will help mend a torn clothing. Dormitories are always noisy, so packing ear buds is always a good idea. Duct tape has a number of practical functions, like quickly fixing things around the room, and flashlights and extra batteries are useful in case of an emergency.

Unless a student has a very close relationship with his roommate, purchasing a few toiletries is necessary. Items such as shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant and shaving cream will keep students fresh for class. Some dormitories require students to wear shower caps while bathing, so students should check the college guidebook to be sure. Students can purchase most of these things from a pharmacy near the college rather than packing them at home.

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