Free Homemade Gift for Father’s Day

Dad will probably appreciate any gift you give him whether made by hand or purchased at the store. Still, a forces you to think about the gift to be given and how best to please Dad. A is simpler for younger children without financial resources and conveys the heart of those who take the time to create a for Father’s Day.

Daddy and Me Picture

Provide paper, crayons, markers, ruler, glitter or glitter pens for the younger child to create a special picture for Father’s Day. Have her make a “Daddy and Me” picture, drawing representations of the child with her father and coloring it. Show your child how to create a colorful frame by alternating bands of color an inch long all around the edges for a stained glass look. Your child can also create other pictures to present to Dad such as starting with a picture of the child and dad in the center of a paper plate. The child can decorate all around the plate. Tie a piece of yarn through a hole in the plate to allow Dad to hang up his specially created “Daddy and Me” picture.
Make a Meal

Most fathers like to eat. Using food already in the freezer, refrigerator or cupboards, plan a Father’s Day meal for Dad. Do not over think the planning of the meal. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t the greatest chef in the world. Dad will appreciate basic, well-prepared food like a hamburger with cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and mustard, fries, fruit and dessert. Consider your father’s likes, dislikes and any allergies as you plan the meal. While Mom might enjoy the fine china, Dad will be most comfortable with regular tableware used everyday. Better yet, serve the specially created meal to him as he watches his favorite sports team play a game.
A Card for Dad

Make a card for Dad for Father’s Day out of copy paper or card stock. Fold the paper top to bottom. Starting at the fold draw an outline of a wide tie. Cut out the outline, but do not cut through the fold at the top. You have a tie card that opens at the top. Decorate and add whatever text or greetings you wish to add. If your dad likes dogs, start with a dog design. If he’s into cars, create a car design. Consider the things your dad enjoys and create a special card and greeting around that hobby or activity. You can make the card as simple or as elaborate as you like.
Pet Rock

Use items from nature to create a homemade gift for Father’s Day. Choose a rock that fits nicely in the palm of your hand. Wash and dry it thoroughly. With paint, markers and stickers, turn the rock into a homemade gift for Dad. The rock can simply be a pet rock, or it can be a door stop or a paper weight. Create a rock family. Use your imagination as you create your gift rock for Father’s Day.

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