HADISE Biography (1985-)

hadiseThese days, if you want to get noticed, there seems to be only one way to it — reality TV. That’s exactly what , born in Mol, in 1985, did. In 2003, got a spot on Idols in , their version of American Idol. She didn’t win the competition, which, if it is anything like the American counterpart, is probably more of a blessing than a curse. Just ask Ruben Studdard. We didn’t even do a profile on that dude. Hadise instantly struck a record deal after the show, and started working on her debut album.
hadise breaks a sweat
In 2005, Hadise released her debut album, Sweat, in both Belgium and Turkey. The album spawned four hit singles, the biggest of which was “Milk Chocolate Girl.” While most people might follow up that kind of success with a tour or another album, Hadise took a decidedly different direction by accepting a role as host of Popstars, ostensibly a competitor to the show that launched her to fame.
hadise drops her sophomore album
It was a full three years before Hadise was back in the spotlight for her music. Her second album, titled simply Hadise, achieved a new level of success for the pop star. Landing at No. 19 on the Belgium charts, the album spawned a few hit singles, but also the song “My Man and the Devil on His Shoulder,” which was her first ever single that did not reach the pop charts.

Strangely, Hadise again followed the success of her album by hosting a reality show. This time, it was the Belgian show X-Factor, which serves as a sort of follow-up to Idols.
hadise in 2009
Hadise is a busy girl in 2009. She represented Turkey in the Song Contest 2009 that took place on May 16, 2009. These reality TV stars never miss a chance for cross-promotion. Hadise dropped her third studio album just a day before the competition aired.

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