Halloween Pumpkin Carving Games

has become synonymous with pumpkins and the carving of Jack-o’-lanterns. There is scarcely a neighborhood where you will not see at least one or two of these grinning and leering pumpkin faces looking back at you. Adding the game element to ritual is an interesting and fun way to put a new spin on an old tradition. It also adds a source of entertainment and activity to a party.


Set up each individual or team with a pumpkin and give each individual or team a basic rendering of a simple Jack-o’-lantern face. For fairness, each individual or someone from each team can choose the sheet of paper with the face out of a hat. Set a timer. Then each person or group must race to transform the pumpkin into the selected face. The process should begin with the gutting of the pumpkin and the removing of the seeds and pulp, and finish with putting the final details on the face. The first individual or team to accurately depict the chosen face wins.

Best Depiction

Have each group or individual choose a person, place or thing out of a hat. Set the individual or group up with sculpting tools and allow each one hour to depict the chosen selection by carving the pumpkin. Selections could range from Betty Boop to the Eiffel Tower to a telephone. Have an anonymous vote to elect the winner at the end of the allotted time. For an added touch, provide each participant with decorating items, such as feathers, glitter and beads. These can be glued to the pumpkin for added visual appeal.


Provide each team with 13 small pumpkins. Give them carving tools and have them race to the finish in pumpkin bowling. Each group must carve the outline of a bowling pin on 12 pumpkins, and carve the traditional three finger holes on the pumpkin “bowling ball.” The groups must set up the pins in a designated area and see which can be the first group to roll a strike with the bowling ball. The first team to complete the task wins.

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