Hippy Clothes of the ’70s

In the 1970s people expressed their individuality with what they wore. There were two styles of dress, according to the website, “The People History”. These were the “anything goes” , where fabrics and styles could be as outrageous as possible, and the more fashionable “designer hippy” of dress which was adopted by those who had more money and a more sophisticated sense of .

Long loose clothing, oversized shirts, tight jeans and bell bottoms, as well as tube socks and army jackets were popular items of hippy wear.

Caftans, Peasant Clothes and Miniskirts

Long loose caftans and muumuus, as well as kimonos were popular among hippies in the ’70s. Peasant skirts and gypsy tops were also considered cool; the brighter the colors the better. Long flowing granny dresses had high frilly necks trimmed with lace and long sleeves. Wrap-around skirts were another innovation.

In contrast to the long skirts, midis and miniskirts were also worn. In keeping with the short, short skirts, bikinis became skimpier.
Bell Bottoms and Tight Jeans

Bell bottom pants were all the rage. They were cut loose and flared out at the bottom. Angel sleeves also were flared. Jumpsuits with bell bottoms in silk or denim were in and even Elvis wore them. Tight and high-waisted banana jeans with buckles at the back were accompanied with gold or silver glitter socks. Capri pants were also favored by hippies and chemin de fer jeans with six buttons on each hip were considered very cool.
Corduroy and Lace

Corduroy pants and jackets in shades of brown and green came into fashion in the ’70s, and these were especially favored by hippies. Crinkly cheesecloth clothing was also popular.

People paid attention to elaborate trims and concentrated on detail. Appliques and crocheted lace were fashionable, as were beading and sequins, often used on evening wear. Big medallions were worn around the neck and clothes were made of Lycra and leopard skin.
Army Jackets and Big Shirts

Men wore green army jackets or suede fringed jackets and tight jeans. Girls wore oversized men’s shirts and jeans. They sometimes tore out the seams of their jeans to make them into skirts. Tank tops with V-necks were fashionable and girls wore hotpants in bright colors with wide belts.

In general, hippy fashions were daring and in your face. They reflected the desire for freedom and self-expression and disdain for convention which characterized the hippies’ outlook on life.

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