How to Apply Concealer Makeup

Dark circles and blemishes don’t have to be a part of your life anymore. Thanks to concealer stick, you will look just as fresh as a spring day and nobody needs to know how long you stayed up last night. Zits and minor blemishes can be hidden away and your face can look perfect once more. Technique can play a major part in just how professionally you “erase” the blemishes. Read on to reveal the secrets.

1.Apply concealer stick under your liquid foundation, pan-stick or powder. Apply to the dark circles under the eyes by taking a little concealer stick on your index fingertip and applying lightly to the dark circle. Stroke lightly to blend evenly over dark circle. Repeat with the other eye.
2.With birthmarks, apply a little concealer on your fingertip and blend lightly over the birthmark until it’s all covered. Zits can be concealed easily by dabbing a spot of concealer stick on each zit and carefully blending. At night, remove and dab white toothpaste on zits to dry them up and get rid of them quickly.
3.A good thing to remember about concealer stick is that it shows up with a black light. Stay away from black lights to avoid being exposed! Concealer stick may be used to slim down a wide nose by rubbing concealer down the sides of the nose and blending evenly. After concealer stick is applied, make up your face in the normal way.

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