How to Be a Fashion Stylist

A is someone who gives fashion advice to clients and helps them dress appropriately for different occasions. Fashion stylists work with all kinds of people including celebrities and royalty. Follow the steps below to learn be a fashion .


Step 1
Apply to a fashion institute or college. Check on-line or in a local directory for schools near you.

Step 2
Enroll in fashion design and merchandising classes. This will help you learn about the basics of fashion, which is very important for a stylist.

Step 3
Take an apprenticeship with a professional fashion stylist or at a retail shop or department store. An apprenticeship should last about one to two years. You will gain a lot of hands-on experience to supplement your fashion education.

Step 4
Always stay on top of newest fashion trends and hottest styles. Your clients will expect you to know what’s “hot” and “new” in the fashion world. Read fashion magazines and fashion blogs to be in the know.

Step 5
Hire an assistant or accountant to help you maintain your business. As you gain more experience and more clients, you will be very busy and it might become difficult to keep track of clients and appointments. You will also have to do various administrative tasks such as invoicing. You can learn to do it yourself, but it’s probably best to hire someone to help you.

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