How to be an emo girl

Everything you’ll need to know on be .


Step 1
You will need to get your perfect emo hairstyle. Emo hairstyles usually have many layers, short layers in the back, dark colored, bright highlights, and is usually styled by teasing with a comb to the back of the head, near the crown. Get your cut with lots and lots of layers everywhere. Get it thinned out. This will help a lot. Dye it a dark color, like chocolate brown or jet black. Blonde will work great with emo too. Get brightly hued highlights all throughout your . (I would suggest hot pink, red, blue, purple, green, etc.) After you get the right color and cut, you will need to style it. Emo kids are known for having “the scene mullet”. This is created by teasing your in the back. Make sure your is VERRRY straight before you do this.You tease by lifting up your , and combing down towards your crown. Then you spray with hairspray to keep the shape, and repeat for the rest. Comb your bangs to where they cover a large portion of your face. Then you can add some cute hairbows to random places in your . If these directions aren’t clear enough, just search for “how I tease my ” on youtube.

Step 2
Emo makeup is the next thing from emo hair. First,line your eyes with black eyeliner. ( I suggest Cover Girl Perfect Point Plus) Go over it with black or grey eyeshadow for a smoky effect. Make sure the ends are rounded and aren’t smudged. Next, apply a bright eyeshadow up towards your brow bones, but don’t cover up your eyeliner. Go just above it. Red eyshadow is popular among emo kids. But any bright color will work. Next, you might want to apply false eyelashes. Directions come on the box. A less difficult alternative is volumizing mascara. Apply about two to three coats and let dry in between. Make sure your skin is clear and smooth. Pale skin looks really good for the emo style. Apply a foundation that’s a tad bit lighter than your natural skin tone. Apply some face powder over that.

Step 3
Emo Fashion my favorite part!! Okay, emo kids love skinny jeans. Skinny jeans are a necessity for your style. Chuck Taylors are also very popular. Band Tshirts, studded belts, skater shoes, Vans, hoodies,Hello Kitty, oversized sunglasses, random cartoon characters, anything black, animal prints, skulls, stuff like that, are really really popular for emo style. You can find emo clothes at: Hot Topic, Spencer’s, Pac Sun, Fredflare, Claire’s, Wet Seal, DEB’s, thrift stores, Wal Mart :p, Target, JC Penny, any random place that strikes you as interesting.

Step 4
Next, you’ll need a lot of good emo bands and songs on your MP3 or IPod. Bands that are really good and emo:
Hawthorne Heights, Secondhand Seranade, My American Heart, 30 Seconds to Mars, Sublime, The Rocket Summer, Breaking Benjamin, Pink Spiders, New Found Glory, Alesana, Halifax, Green Day, Paramore, Flyleaf, A Day To Remember, Blink 182, Angels and Airwaves, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, Armor For Sleep, Bayside, AFI, The Academy Is, The Killers, Senses Fail, Motion City Soundtrack, Hellogoodbye, Dashboard Confessional, My Chemical Romance, Plain White T’s, Metro Station, Snow Patrol, Aiden, Cute Is What We Aim For, The Used, Sex Pistols, Evanescense, Dead Kennedys, Social Distortion, The Ramones, Dead Milkmen, Anti Flag, The Clash, Rancid, Operation Ivy, Cobra Starship, Mayday Parade, We The Kings, Boys Like Girls, Jimmy Eat World, All Time Low, Jack’s Mannequin, Forever The Sickest Kids, Four Years Strong, etc.

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