How to Behave Professionally on Facebook

has become an integral part of the lives of people across the world. Prior to , reconnecting with family members and old friends meant resorting to making phone calls or hiring a private detective. Such sites as , Twitter and Foursquare are growing communities that make it simpler to reconnect with more people than any high school reunion can ever accomplish. Although using the sites mentioned may yield positive outcomes, it is important to use them in a professional manner.


1.Select each profile and album picture carefully before submitting. Pictures depicting you playing sports or having a peaceful family get-together at the beach are appropriate for keeping a clean profile and seeming active. Pictures displaying a potentially offensive activity, such as alcohol abuse or sexual explicitness, should not be a part of the photo album. Business employers can check over a candidate’s profile on Facebook, and immature pictures could be a deciding factor in hiring the candidate or not.
2.Contribute a status update to Facebook relating to daily activities, special events or upcoming vacation plans that is suitable for a public environment. Although status updates are also useful for sparking group discussions, refrain from posting embarrassing and verbally hurtful comments that may offend someone.
3.Write a friendly message to catch up with friends and family members, but avoid revealing anything personal on someone’s wall where everyone has access to the message. If anything personal needs to be communicated to any single person, send this information as a private message, accessed through the profile section.
4.Assign only familiar people to a friends list rather than adding complete strangers. Keeping a friends list limited to these contacts helps prevent privacy violations and the spread of viruses. Set privacy settings accordingly to protect your profile.
5.Communicate with fellow co-workers and managers on Facebook to learn more about your career choice.

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