How to Bodybuild

is the increase of muscular size and body weight. For the best results, a program should combine a strength training program, often including weightlifting, with a diet high in protein to build muscle. There are a variety of strength training and nutritional programs available. Take time to seek one that will help you meet your goals.


Step 1
Determine a bodybuilding goal. You might want lift a certain amount of weight, achieve a desired body weight or prepare to enter a bodybuilding competition. What ever it is, a definable, specific goal with help motivate you.

Step 2
Calculate the number of calories you need to consume to add weight. To accomplish this, track and record the number of calories you consume for a one-week period. Then, add to your diet, keeping in mind that it takes 3,500 additional calories to gain one pound of body weight.

Step 3
Determine how much protein to add to your diet. Since protein is an essential building block to adding muscle, you will likely need to change your diet to include protein-rich foods. To find out much protein you need

Step 4
Choose an exercise program. This will involve strength training routines for all the muscle groups of the body, as well as engaging in cardiovascular exercises such as running or biking. The programs you choose will largely depend on your exercise goals.

Step 5
Decide whether to use a dietary supplement. While about 97 percent of your gains will come from the foods you eat, a supplement such as a protein powder that can be purchased at any nutrition or vitamin store can optimize your results.

Step 6
Monitor your progress. Keeping track of what you eat, how much weight you are gaining, changes in clothing size and changes in body measurements will not only let you know if your bodybuilding program is working, it will also serve as a motivation once you see that you are on your way to achieving your goals.

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