How to Boost Self-Esteem

Boosting one’s self-esteem is something that can take time. We tend to maximize our flaws rather than maximizing our good qualities. There are several ways to help self-esteem. Start small and build your way up. Remember, having healthy self-esteem does not equal arrogance.

1.Stop focusing on your negative qualities. Constantly criticizing yourself will damage your self-esteem. It’s fine to recognize things you want to improve, but don’t maximize these things. Instead, make plans to work on improving them.
2.Learn to compliment yourself. Bring out your positive qualities and attributes. Write a list of things about yourself that you like, and make it a point to give yourself at least one compliment per day. Complimenting yourself doesn’t make you arrogant or conceited. There is a line between being confident and being conceited. Conceit starts when you start thinking and acting as if you’re better than others.
3.Get involved in physical activity. It helps to boost your mood, which can in turn help elevate your self-esteem. When you’re physically involved in an activity you enjoy, you don’t have time to focus on the things that are contributing to your low self-esteem.
4.Think about your accomplishments: graduations, jobs, sports competitions or other things you have done that have made you proud. Know that you’re capable of achieving things you work toward and put your mind to. Once you achieve one goal, set another one, so that you’ll always have something to look forward to and strive for.
5.Do something you know you’re good at. Whether it’s taking part in sports, gardening, playing video games, cleaning, mowing the lawn, drawing, singing or any other activity, doing things you’re good at helps instill a good sense of pride and accomplishment. You’re able to focus on positive things in your life instead of the negatives.
6.Take time to relax and meditate. This helps to clear your mind. Do whatever you like to do in order to relax and rid your mind of any negative thoughts or worries. Everyone needs to be able to take some time for herself.

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