How to buy the perfect Father’s Day gift

1.I have been putting great thought in what to by my dad for Father’s Day this year. After talking to him and seeing if he needed anything and he replied no my mind started wondering what in the world can I get him. I started thinking of the things he enjoyed. That was a short process. Now that he is older and does not get around that well I was left with no options.
2.I have went to town many of times and looked around for ideas but I still had none. I thought of clothes or shoes. I even thought of the one thing he loves to get, tools. But how many tools do you need. I thought about a gift card but I did not want him to think that I did not think of him and just rushed out and grabbed the first thing that I seen. So after much consideration I think I have finally found the answer to my dilemma.
3.I have decided to give him a day off. I thought I would cook dinner for him and my mother at our house. This would show the time and effort I put in to this. My time and effort in return would give him a break from normal day to day duties. Which would save them money in return due to the fact my mother would probably take him out to dinner. And in today’s time you need every dollar you have. I then came across this cool idea for a gift from the grandkids. I found a t-shirt that said world greatest grandpa. The neat thing about this shirt is that it had hand paints to put each of his grandkids hand prints on the front of it. He likes when the kids do things for him. I think it is the thought that counts not the amount of money that you spend.

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