How to Change the Oil in Your Car

oil-carThe motor that flows through your vehicle is like your engine’s blood and it should be replaced on a regular basis. It is incredibly essential to not overlook your engine’s requirements. The engines fucntionality depends on the correct use of and this definitely includes knowing the oil in your . You have invested a lot of capital in your and with the proper oil care it will be able to last for years to come. The following steps will explain how to the the oil in your car.


Step 1
Get completely ready for the oil change. Collect all of the required things you will need to change your oil and have them within easy reach. Place the car on a level surface to allow the oil to drain properly and set the parking brake. You should not have to place the car on a ramp or on jacks, unless you are unable to easily access the oil pan.

Step 2
Remove the old oil. Find the oil drain plug from underneath your car. It will be located on the oil pan. Set a large container with at least a six inch mouth (to catch all the oil) below the plug. Loosen the drain plug (counter clockwise) with a socket wrench and then unscrew it completely by hand. Be ready for a rush of oil once the plug has been removed. Let all of the oil drain from your car. After all of the oil is gone, replace the drain plug (and any gaskets if needed) on the drain pan.

Step 3
Get rid of the old oil filter. Remove the oil filter (and gasket/seal) with an oil filter wrench. You can find the oil filter under the hood. It will look like a long cylinder, usually coated in rubber and about the size of a can of soup. To find its exact location, refer to the car manual. After removing the filter, coat the new oil filter gasket with a little oil using your finger. This will ensure that the ring doesn’t get stuck to the filter mount. Tighten the new filter into place on your car by hand.

Step 4
Add the new oil to your car. While relatively unimportant, it is a good idea to add the correct type of oil for the season. 0W30 and 5W30 are better oils for winter in which the temperature gets down around zero. 10W30 is better for summer months because the viscosity is thicker. To add the oil, remove the oil filler cap located on top of your engine and then use a funnel to place the new oil in. Put the oil filler cap back on when finished, warm up your engine and then check the oil level of your car. The manual will tell you exactly how much oil your car can hold, but never add as much as the car can take. This is important because some oil will be left over in the engine and it is always better to have less oil in a car than too much.

Step 5
Drop the oil off at a local garage or a hazardous waste center. You will likely have to pay a small fee for them to take it but it will be nominal compared to what you would have to pay a mechanic to change your oil.

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