How to Choose a Career Pathway

Choosing a is one of the most important life decisions you will face. It is important to select a path that will allow you to develop your natural strengths and improve upon your weaknesses, and that also has potential for growth and allows you to make a decent living. There is a systematic but simple process to exploring options that will aid you in finding the job path that will be enjoyable, rewarding and fulfilling.


1.Explore your interests. While a strong work ethic can overcome a personally undesirable job situation, it is best to a career path that matches your interests. If you are good with computers, then consider information technology. If you like airplanes, then a career in piloting or aircraft maintenance might work for you. If you have a knack for relating to people, then a career in customer service or public relations would be a good fit.
2.See a career coach. Career coaches are trained professionals who are skilled in helping you to discover your strengths and channel your passions. A simple meeting with a career coach can shed some light on your talents and interests, and allow you to make an informed decision about your career.
3.Make a list. Once you have determined some career paths that you are interested in, write down a list of these careers on a notepad or store them on your computer. This will keep them fresh in your mind and make it much easier to research these career paths.
4.Get the specifics. Once you have formulated your list, do research on the specifics of these careers: education or training necessary, salaries, growth potential, location and industry outlook are some of the most important factors. If possible, speak with people currently working in these industries to get an experienced perspective.
5.Do some job shadowing. Nothing will prepare you for the reality of a career quite like actually experiencing that career. Contact someone working in an entry-level position in the career that you are interested in and ask if you can shadow them at work for a day. This will give you first-hand experience of the career and will help you to discover if you are truly interested in pursuing it as a line of work.

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