How to Combat Rising Food Prices

As my grandmother used to say, “If only we didn’t have to eat…” Fortunately, there are many easy ways that you can lower your bill without having to live on bread and lettuce. Here are some steps to keeping your grocery bill from eating you alive.


Step 1
Buy staples in bulk at discount stores like Sam’s or Costco. This not only saves you money on the actual purchase, but it reduces the number of trips that you have to make to the store, where you can see other items that catch your eye.

Step 2
Clip coupons and keep an eye peeled for sales at the store. Although this seems like a no-brainer solution, it is incredible how many people don’t bother to check the coupons they get in their Sunday paper before they go shopping. A few decent coupons can easily save you $10 to $20 per trip.

Step 3
Pay in cash if at all possible, unless you are disciplined enough to pay off your credit card at the end of every month. Don’t pay unsecured interest rates on your food purchases. Also look at the items placed on the lower shelves in the grocery store, where the lower-priced items are usually stocked.

Step 4
Ask your butcher or grocer when meat or other items that are nearing expiration get marked down. You might be able to haggle a deal with them for bulk purchases that you intend to consume immediately, which might otherwise go to waste.

Step 5
Hit the local farmers market or produce fair to snap up some fresh produce that is grown locally. These vendors won’t charge you for the cost of transporting produce over long distances like grocery stores will.

Step 6
Buy a water filter instead of bottled water. This is cheaper over the long run, and doesn’t use dozens of plastic bottles, which is easier on the environment.

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