How to Create a Poster on Glogster

is an exciting social networking site dominated by teens and artists. Members Glogs, which are posters created using their simple magnet toolbar. It will allow you to layer your with a wild assortment of virtual artwork, pictures, backgrounds, music, and text. Glogs can be printed or shared on the Internet. The extensive graphics collection makes possibilities on Glogster endless and intriguing. Make your own Glog with these simple steps.


1.Go to and set up your account. The first screen you will see is your dashboard. Choose the “Create a new Glog” button.
2.Select “Wall” from the magnet toolbar that sits on top of your Glog to the left. This changes the background art on your poster. There are several genres from which to choose, ranging from emo to goth to hippie.
3.Select “Images” from the magnet toolbar. Choose a picture from your and upload it. Glogster also allows you to link to online media or using the Grab feature, Glogster will initialize the camera or video equipment on your to create new media.
4.Position your photo by dragging it to the desired location within your Glog. A new toolbar will now appear, allowing you to add special effects, frames and experiment with color work.
5.Add graphics to your Glog by selecting the button on the toolbar. Hundreds of themed graphic and animated images are available as stock options in Glogster. Simply drag and drop them where appropriate.
6.Add text by selecting the button on your magnet toolbar. This will open a box allowing you to choose a text frame. Drag and drop it at the location you desire. Select Edit on the new toolbar that is found near the top of the frame. You will now be able to type in your text, change the font style and size, and use other special effects.
7.Add video and sound in the same way as the other features. Select the appropriate feature from the toolbar. Select upload, link or grab. Add special effects.
8.Continue adding images and other effect to create your Glog. Glogster has thousands of examples available from which to draw inspiration. Once you are pleased with your Glog, select the preview button and finally the publish button.

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