How to Create a Summer Schedule for Children

Summertime is full of fun activities for your young ones. Without the rigors of a strict school , they are free to stay up later and enjoy days full of playing with friends, creating art projects, reading books and watching movies. However, to stave off that boredom that can sometimes set in as the days wear on, it’s best to a schedule that gives them a vast array of activities to do each day that combines fun with education.


1.Figure out your daily schedule. This allows you to tailor your ’s summer schedule around yours. For example, if you prepare to clean the house first thing in the morning, then you know to schedule outside time during the morning hours. If you need quiet time in the middle of the day to work from home, then perhaps that is when you schedule lunch and a movie for your .
2.Vary activities on their schedule. Kids tend to get bored when they get stuck with the same types of activities every day. Mix it up a bit so they are doing different things every day. For example, perhaps arts and crafts is on Mondays and Wednesdays, while science lab is on Tuesday and sand art is on Thursdays. Friday can be free play all day long.
3.Pencil in time for education. Kids may not prefer to do it, but they need to continue to learn over the summer. Designate at least 1 day per week to head over to the local library to check out some books for the week. Try to incorporate an educational element into many of their activities. For example, turn ordinary games of hide and seek into opportunity to spot elements of nature as they hide or rainy days to talk about summer weather.
4.Stay consistent with the schedule, but don’t freak out on “off” days. No schedule — particularly when dealing with kids — is perfect. While you may have them on schedule most days, there will be some days in which 1 of the kids get sick or if feeling defiant, which upsets the balance of the rest of the group. Be prepared to just roll with the punches on those days so you aren’t too frazzled.

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