How to Create Personalized Wedding Invitations

wedding invitationsYour wedding invitation is one of the most important elements in your wedding. The wedding invitation also sets the tone of your wedding to your entire prospective guest. It only makes sense for you to be in full control of your wedding invitation and how you want it personalized. Below I have outline the basic steps to get you started as well as resources for you to visit that will help you in selecting the proper printing material.


Step 1
Make sure that your black and color ink cartridge is at least 50% full before you start your printing. You may want to purchase an extra set of ink cartridges to ensure you will not run out in the middle of printing your invitations.

Step 2
The basic parts to any wedding invitation include: mailing envelope, invitation, RSVP, return stamped envelope and directions to your wedding reception.

Step 3
The design of your wedding invitation is the key element that sets the tone for your wedding. The paper texture, overlays and ribbons all contribute to the final appearance of your invitation and should be chosen to your specifications.

Step 4
You can also add a photo to your invitation that may include a picture of the Bride and Groom or a picture of the location where your reception is going to be held. You can always browse the internet to get ideas if you can’t get creative. Just remember the design possibilities are unlimited.

Step 5
The RSVP is usually kept simple but you can jazz it up anyway you like. Just remember the RSVP will be a lot smaller than your wedding invitation so you will be limited to the amount of space on it.

Step 6
You can usually obtain directions to your wedding reception from your Catering Hall or wherever you decide to have your reception.

Step 7
Visit the resources I have supplied and start exploring. You can also visit a Wedding Center in your area if you would like to shop locally for your invitation material. It may be more appealing to you if you can actually see and feel the texture of the paper before purchasing it.

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