How to Deal With Children’s Jobs

He grew up with certain traits that left you believing he would be a manager or an accountant, and then he came home to inform you he was going to be a firefighter or a policeman. As a parent this can be quite disturbing, knowing your son or daughter’s chosen career will be filled with danger. Have faith. You will get through this earth shattering news, learn deal with your son’s job, and help him deal with the emotional and mental distress these bring about.


1.Most boys grow up wanting to be a superhero, a soldier or a spy. Parents expect this and soothe their concerns in knowing the day will come when he will change his mind. So when he comes home and tells you he is going to be a firefighter or a policeman, don’t panic, and don’t try to talk him out of it.
2.Sometimes the alarm sets in due to all the planning for their college education. Listen to what he is saying and remember it is common for kids to change their major or career goals more than once. He may change his mind again, but it’s best to be supportive in case he doesn’t.
3.Think positive and be a positive influence. The only way he will know what he does or does not want to do is through experience.
4.Remember how important it is to encourage and support his decision. If you fight him on just the idea, and down the road he decides it is definitely what he wants, he will not come to you for the support he will need.
5.Be interested and stay informed. Ask about his progress daily as this will help keep the bond strong and help you be secure in knowing he is learning what he needs in order to be safe.
6.Try to put yourself in his shoes by remembering he is helping others as well as doing something he believes in.
7.Don’t dwell on the dangers of the job and don’t nag him about it. Everyone knows the dangers, including your child. For your own well being don’t sit around worrying about it. He will be trained in safety, safety, and safety. It will be drilled into his head from the beginning to the end of his training.
8.Be happy for him. Even though most people run out of a burning building rather than in, and most people run away from bullets rather than toward them, his choice in his career is a special calling and that only means he is a special person. Be proud of him and most importantly, be available at all times. You never know when he may need to talk or vent, and being there for him will help you deal with his job too.

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