How to Decorate a Home for Autumn

Cool nights, clear days, and colorful foliage are all part of . Use your imagination and add pumpkins, cornstalks, colorful mums and other fall-themed items to your . Just look to the outdoors for inspiration. Pay attention to colors and smells, and imagine bring that warmth to your nights. Stimulate your senses, and you’ll be inspired.

1.Start with the front door. Make your front door welcoming with a nice wreath. Look for twig wreaths as a base for fall decorations. Add berries, acorns, and a few leaves. That’s all you need to brighten the door. Use a grapevine wreath as a base for sunflowers and other fall flowers. Add warm gold, rust, and brown. Or, us a eucalyptus wreath for a scent of fall.
2.Warm up your living room. Add soy candles in apple and cinnamon scents. Add fall- colored toss pillows. Pick up a rust, gold, olive, or taupe throw and drape it over a chair or the couch. Fill vases with dried hydrangeas. Place twigs in vases, and add an acorn wreath to the wall. Bring out old, worn books and place them on the coffee table or add a tray filled with brown ornaments. Place large baskets on the floor for magazines.
3.Have fun in the kitchen. Pick up a fall-themed tablecloth or runner. Place a basket on the table and fill it with gourds. Put out fall print dishtowels and matching potholders. Look for an apple cookie jar and apple clock. Place a fall scatter rug on the floor by the kitchen sink. Check big lot stores for coffee-colored drinking glasses, fun mugs, colorful bowls, and plates.
4.Warm up the bathroom with fall-colored towels. Just a few hand towels on the towel rack can make a difference. Put candles on the vanity and add a dried-flower arrangement. Add a diffuser with apple, orange, or cinnamon scents. Look for hand soap in fall scents or decorative soaps. Change the shower curtain or the bathroom curtain with warm autumn colors. Add a wicker clothes hamper to soften the room.
5.Make changes in the bedroom. Remove the summer bedspread and put on a thicker, warm comforter. Toss some pillows and a throw onto the bed. Put candles on the bureau and pile up some books. Add some dried flowers, apple-scented hand lotion and an apple-scented diffuser to the nightstand. Put up a wall hanging of an autumn scene. You now have a cozy bedroom for fall.

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