How To Decorate Galley Kitchens

Galley are usually narrow spaces with cabinets and appliances on two sides and a wall — with or without a window — at the far end. These are generally small, which leads to its own set of decorating hazards. To render a galley kitchen truly usable and fashionable, it is important to put thought into everything that goes into it. Since a galley kitchen is generally long and narrow, a huge refrigerator would be severely out of place there, for example.


1.Install glossy ceramic tile on the floor to reflect light and make the kitchen appear larger. Opt for pale or neutral materials and colors, such as stone or gold.
2.Paint walls with a semigloss paint, using a paint roller with 1/4-inch nap. Choose from colors such as pale yellow, peach, bronze or blue to emphasize the natural lines of your galley kitchen.
3.Install white cabinets with lots of special features, such as lazy susans, spice racks, garbage can inserts and garbage disposals; these help reduce clutter and save space. Place all cabinets on one side of your galley kitchen to streamline the room. Install magnetic latches in cabinet doors and remove standard handles to create cleaner lines. If your cabinet doors already had handles, fill the screw holes with a small amount of spackle, sand it smooth and touch up the paint.
4.Install all of your appliances on the opposite side of the kitchen. Put them in the order you normally would follow for the preparation of a meal: refrigerator, sink, stove and dishwasher. Choose stainless steel or white appliances to reflect light and make the galley kitchen appear larger.
5.Hang mirrored panels on the wall between the cabinets and the countertop as a backsplash. The mirrors will reflect available light. Attach the mirror panels to the wall by spreading a layer of construction adhesive on the back of each panel and pressing it against the wall. Hold it firmly for about one minute. Allow the adhesive to set for 24 hours.
6.Make the most of the space above your upper cabinets. Galley kitchens can be very short on storage, so you can use small storage baskets in the area above the cabinets. Stock the baskets with off-season items, rarely used utensils or disposable goods such as paper plates, plastic cups, napkins or paper towels.
7.Light your galley kitchen with a string of pendant lights. Generally, the main stem — the part that follows the ceiling — of the pendant light system needs only a single fixture. Install the pendant light system in the current light fixture, keeping the stem in place with the provided screws.
8.Add accessories like plants, artwork and attractive countertop containers. Choose small potted plants, such as gerbera daisies or dracaenas, that don’t require a lot of care, but will help brighten up your galley kitchen. Hang art pieces that are long and slender, with a horizontal angle, to keep the lines of your kitchen clean. Purchase brightly colored or elegantly labeled small canisters, such as those for sugar and flour, and place them along the wall in a corner. You don’t want anything on the counters that does not add aesthetic value.

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