How to Decorate Your Office

Whether you’re working at home or at a corporation, it’s a great idea to your in a way that enables you to better function, reflects your personal taste and inspires you to work productively.
It’s not hard to find small ways to enact design changes. You don’t have to hire a professional; just keep these tips in mind.

Step 1
Assess your environment. Obviously, if your company is more relaxed or you work at home, you have some more liberties when decorating. You can paint the wall that vibrant color or snap up a pin-up of your favorite celebrity. But if you’re working around others, you want to keep your decor professional. See where you are and look at what you can and can’t do.

Step 2
Think about function. To incorporate some colors repetitively to reinforce your design, think about function. Your desk may be better served with a green file organizer than a green vase. You can match your file folders and wall art into your color scheme. Especially if you’re in a small space, try to think about what you need to function before you plan your design. Otherwise, your office could wind up looking fabulous, but completely unproductive.

Step 3
Get inspired. While you may not be able to paint a mural on the wall, you can probably hang up some inspiring wall art. Creative people who work at home or in studios have a little more liberty here, but even those in a corporate setting can place at least one inspiring wall art or desk frame in their office or cubicle. It helps you to make the place your own and keep positive during those dragging work days.

Step 4
Stick to a scheme. You don’t have to focus on a few colors in your scheme, although by repeating colors and patterns you do add to their design impact. You can give your office a traditional theme by bringing in rich cherrywood. Or stick to the spa vibe by including an orchid or other plant. If you do that you’ll stray away from bringing a bunch of decorative items in for the simple fact of decorating, when they may not go together at all.

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