How to Design Your Own Wedding Dress

Most women dream about their day years and years before they’re ever even engaged. Every woman wants to look beautiful on their special day and can’t imagine anything less. Shopping for the is one of the most important parts of the process. But sometimes women can’t find what they’re looking for and at times like that, it’s best to your own gown and find someone to make it. Here’s your own dress.


1.You probably have an idea of what you want: strapless, halter, poofy, straight, A-line and so forth. Perhaps you don’t know what you want. Either way, whether you know what you want or don’t, be open-minded and look around. Start by going through bridal magazines and tearing out pictures of design elements you like. Remember, you don’t have to like the entire dress. Maybe you just like the straps, fabric, buttons or edging. Tear out the photos you like and write on the picture what it was you liked.
2.Next go to several bridal salons and try on tons of dresses. You should really take a couple people with you; your mom, best friend, maid of honor, bridesmaids, cousin or sister would be good choices. I recommend taking different people with you to different stores as everyone will have a different opinion or pick out a wider selection of dresses to try on. No matter how horrible the dress may look on the hanger or how “not you” it may be, try it on. You’ll amazed at how some items can look terrible on a hanger and fit just right when put on. You could find your dream dress and not even realize it until you look in the mirror.
3.As you try on dresses, try to snap as many photos as possible. Take detailed pictures of the elements you like in regards to fabric, style, cut and color. Then go home and take the elements you like from the photos you took and the magazine tear outs and lay them on a large table. Piece the items together and create several combinations you like.
4.Next sketch the pieced together dresses on plain white sketch paper. If you need to trace the elements do so. If not, just sketch to the best of your abilities. At this point you should have a couple of sketches of possible dresses.
5.Now it’s time to head back out and go fabric shopping. Go to a fabric district and collect samples of materials that you like and might consider for your dress. Take these swatches back and try to match them up with your sketches. As you put your swatches with the designs you’ll likely start to find one design that stands out more than the others. Take some time to think about it and if necessary resketch.

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