How to Dress for a Summer Day Wedding

Summer is a time for weddings. No doubt you’ve received at least one invitation to a summer . Day weddings are more casual than evening weddings but it’s important not to up or down too much. Since day weddings can be held in a variety of settings, including outside, make sure you look elegant yet can manage to stay cool, no matter where it is held.

1. Wear a simple dress. Don’t bother with complicated straps, shiny fabrics, ruffles or other types of adornment. Stick to a basic sheath or slip dress in a breathable fabric that will keep you cool. Try to avoid fabrics that wrinkle, bind or stick to you.
2. Go bright. Day weddings give you the opportunity to wear a fun print or a bright, summer color. Forget about the little black dress and avoid white. Instead, pick something flattering and seasonal.
3. Dress conservatively. Although weddings are more casual than evening affairs, it is not an invitation to show bra straps, extreme cleavage, upper thigh or your rear end. Your dress should not be extreme. Bring a cover, such as a shawl or light sweater, if the ceremony is inside a church.
4. Bring a hat. If the reception or ceremony is outside, you will want to wear a hat to protect your face from the sun.
5. Wear appropriate shoes. Daytime weddings are not the place for six inch stilettos. Stick to flats or kitten heeled sandals, open toed and in neutral colors. You might even want to go a little more casual if the wedding is at a park or a beach.
6. Keep your hair up. Stay cool during outdoor weddings by keeping your hair off of your neck. Use pretty barrettes or clips to tame stray wisps.
7.Keep make-up simple. Think sheer and neutral. Daytime is not the time for smoky eyes. Use sheer blush, lip gloss and light eye shadow colors. Skip the eyeliner and do a double coat of mascara. Use a shimmery bronzer on shoulders and bosom.

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