How to Get a FREE Thanksgiving Turkey

What would be without a ? Imagine not being able to get a before Thanksgiving due to lack of funds? There are many programs that give away turkeys every year for . Yes, you read right, they give away turkeys for for those in need. It’s not hard to obtain a ; it just takes patience and research.


1.Community Outreach Programs: Most of the time community outreach programs offer free Thanksgiving meals on Thanksgiving and even free turkeys. Outreach programs usually dedicate themselves to supplying low income families with Holiday boxes around Thanksgiving and Christmas. As a child, my family used to participate in these programs all the time in order to obtain food boxes and even toy boxes for the holidays. I’ve had first hand experience with getting free turkeys, hams and even chicken from these places. The holiday boxes usually come with can foods, dairy products and meats. You usually have to fill out an application in order to receive these free things. Before you go, know that it’s usually low income households that get seniority. If you fit the description of having a low income, more or likely you won’t be turned away.
2.Sport Teams: That’s right; a lot of sport teams in your city/state will be handing out free turkeys this Thanksgiving. It seems to be a trend as of now since it’s been going on for years. No matter what state you live in, look at your local ads and you might come across a time and date for when free turkeys are being handed out. It’s great to see how some sport players give back to the community by supplying thousands, yes thousands of free turkeys to those in the community. Most of the time you don’t have to fill out any paper work to get the turkey, just show up!
3.Local TV Stations: Every year it seems like the local TV stations hand out free turkeys and participate in some sort of food drive. On the news out here in California, they usually broadcast a live food drive to show all the food that is being dropped off. A lot of times turkeys will be some of the main items. Local businesses partner up with the news stations to donate tons of turkeys. Your local grocery store will probably donate lots of turkeys to those in need courtesy of the news stations. Your best bet is to call into the station and ask questions or go on their website to see what events are going to be going on during Thanksgiving.
4.Churches: It never fails; every year more and more churches participate in turkey and food drives around Thanksgiving and Christmas. Some of the money that churches get from their members throughout the year goes towards helping those that can’t afford dinners and other holiday accessories. If you’re involved with a church, you should already know if they’re having a free turkey giveaway by now. However; if you are not affiliated with any church, check around to see what events are going on in churches around your area. Churches are very accepting of those less fortunate around the holidays so don’t be ashamed to reach out.
5.The Salvation Army: The Salvation Army holds annual turkey giveaways every year. Not only do they give away free turkeys and add-ons, but they also hold turkey carving contest. Most of the time you can just go to their website and enter your city or zip code and they will give you a list of Holiday events. A lot of times the Salvation Army also holds holiday dinners to serve the community. Most of the turkeys they get are donated from other people and local businesses that surround the area. Anybody can just walk up and receive a free turkey and dinner plate most the time but check the requirements.
6.Boys and Girls Club: If you have a Boys and Girls Club in your city, reach out to them. Usually Boys and Girls Clubs really go beyond their reach to help inner city children. This means supplying holiday boxes, toy boxes and holiday dinners year round. Although the Boys and Girls Clubs may not have big sponsors, like that of a news station, they still giveaway a fair share of turkeys and hams around the holidays. Even if they aren’t giving out turkeys, they are sure to be holding some type of food drive. When I was younger and attended the Boys and Girls Club, employees often came out of their own pockets to make sure all the kids and their families had turkeys for Thanksgiving.

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