How to Get Motivated to Clean the House

Everyone enjoys a home, but no one enjoys doing housework. The end result is always so satisfying and instills a true sense of accomplishment and ownership, but even someone who isn’t usually prone to procrastination can be easily diverted. However, following these tips can help you get to clean the .


1.Establish a list of realistic goals. Take some time in the beginning of your week to jot down a few small cleaning goals for each day. Try not to overwhelm yourself by tackling a huge job that you’ll tire of halfway through and abandon. For example, instead of cleaning the whole bathroom at once, settle for making your countertops and mirrors shine.
2.Enlist a little help from your cohabitants. Nothing deters you from cleaning the house more than knowing you have to do it all. To make your life easier and to get you going full throttle on the job you take on, pass the list around and have your spouse and kids pitch in.
3.Treat yourself to some new cleaning supplies. This may not sound so exciting, but if you go out and buy new tools for cleaning that are designed to simplify your jobs, you’ll be more motivated to get going. You’ll want to get your money’s worth out of your new stuff and see if it truly works.
4.Set the alarm and start the day by cleaning something. By tackling a small job first thing in the morning, you get your mind set on the other tasks waiting for your attention. Also, this sets the motivational tone for you to get as much done as possible before moving onto something else.
5.Crank up the music. Especially if everyone else is gone for the day and it’s just you and your mop, go to your CD player and pick out your favorite rockin’ tunes and turn it up. Music is a great motivator, and it helps to pass the time in cleaning purgatory that much quicker.
6.Take some time for yourself–after you’ve finished a cleaning job, that is. Create motivation by indulging in a reward when you’ve reached a cleaning goal. Have a cup of coffee, read a magazine or take the dog for a leisurely walk. You’ve earned it.
7.Plan a dinner party–but not before your house is clean. One surefire way to spark the motivational fire is to invite friends or family over for a social call. You’ll want your house to look its best, so you’ll get those cleaning gears turning.

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