How to Get Organized for School

Teachers are often amazed at the number of students who can never find homework on the due date. They find crunched up masses of papers in the bottom of the backpack or a torn-up mess in the locker at the end of the year. With preparation and organization assistance, these students’ odds of success would improve greatly.


1.Use different colored binders for each class. Color-code everything whenever possible.
2.Take time to find the right binder in the locker. Take the right binder to class daily. Take notes in that binder.
3.Buy an inexpensive 3-hole punch that fits in your notebook. Hole punch handouts from teachers and put them in the right binder as soon as the teacher instructs you to put them up.
4.Keep at least one ink pen and/or pencil in a side pocket of the backpack. Return the writing utensil after class to be ready for the next class. Make a note to get new supplies when needed.
5.Write the current date on the upper corner of your notes. This process helps you know what to study when the teacher gives specific notes to study. This also comes in handy when a friend needs to borrow notes.
6.Schedule time to study, do homework and prepare for tests.
7.Use a calendar to record important dates, especially dates for tests and research papers.
8.Prioritize tasks. Complete the short-notice tasks first while continuing to complete parts of long-term tasks.
9.Mark the calendar after completing tasks.

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